Below is a list of Sands Family recordings to date.


    The LPs are now collectors' items and may only be        

    available at specialty folk record shops  


    CDs are available from Irish Music International  and  CDbaby


    (For solo albums, please check our individual websites -      

     or contact us).





   Hope Is In The Morning, “Live in Germany”
   Spring Records, SCD 1044


   Sands Family “Collection”
   Spring Records, SCD 1030




   Sands Family At Home
   Autogram ALLP 294


   Now and Then
   Spring Records, SLP 1008


   Tell Me What You See
   Plaene Records, 88303


   High Hills and Valleys
   Plaene Records, 88206


   Sands Family “Live”
   Plaene Records, SF601


   Real Irish Folk
   Emerald GES 1201 (Decca)


   The Winds are Singing Freedom
   Plaene Records, S16F600


   As I Roved Out
   Arfolk (France) SB343


   After the Morning
   EMI Ireland   


   You’ll Be Well Looked After
   EMI Leaf 7005


   The First Day and The Second Day
   Autogram FLLP 501


   The Third Day
   Autogram ALLP 233


   Folk from the Mournes (Also on CD from Outlet)
   Outlet OAS 3004  












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