For more than three decades, one name in particular has been synonymous with folk music from the North of Ireland.
The Sands Family - one name comprising four extremely talented siblings -  Anne, Ben, Colum and Tommy Sands.   Individually and collectively they have played a significant part in the creation of the phenomenal world-wide interest in Irish folk and traditional music since the early 1970s.

And over thirty years later, the Sands Family are still singing and playing to an ever expanding audience, with their unique blend of traditional material and self-penned songs which swing from  whimsical to politically serious, from sad to hilarious, from traditional to contemporary  all cemented together with well-crafted and delivered anecdotes and stories and presented with apparently effortless ease.
Fans of all ages from Cork  to Copenhagen know that a Sands Family concert  is substantially more than just an evening of  music and song - it is a cultural experience: a chance to enjoy and share in the craic with four superb performers who have the unique ability to make their audiences an integral and important part of every show.

This is the feel-good factor to the power of four!

                                                       Sunday World, Ireland





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