An Overview of Popular Northern Irish Musical Bands

Northern Ireland has a unique association with great music labels. In fact, only a few people are aware of it. To name a few, Van Morrison, Snow Patrol, Vivian Patrick Campbell, Two Door Cinema Club, Ash, and Foy Vance are all popular musical bands from Northern Ireland. The following are some more of Northern Ireland’s best musical groups. Many musical bands around the world are using current technologies to improve efficiency. Blockchain technology is helping music companies to trace several music streams. Both blockchain and cryptocurrency are attracting investors around the world. Bitcoin trading is a major trend in the stock market. A bitcoin account is an essential factor to trade bitcoins. Visit to learn to create a bitcoin account.

SixStarHotel – Many people consider this band’s two albums to be among their all-time favorites. The Boys of Belfast album had everything, from exploding rock tunes to grievous numbers like Letters Bring Home. Unluckily, they have been separated for pretty some time. Have no fear, vocalist David C. Clements is carving out a victorious single career and has recently launched a severely renowned latest album.

Kowalski (N.Irish Dream Pop) – This band has been on the County Down circle for a long time and is considered one of the nation’s most esteemed musical groups. For some reason, they were not able to get that much publicity even though they tried so hard. They are now based in the capital of England; however, they are currently on break as the band’s bass player recuperates from sickness. With the help of Swimming Tapes, you will be able to discover a couple of their associates writing and performing tunes.

Starjets – The Starjets were a former powerpop rock and roll band in the 1970s. They were from the capital of Northern Ireland. Starjets comprised of lead guitarist/singer Terry Sharpe, Paul Bowen, bass player Sean Martin, and percussionist Liam L’Estrange. The band played a blend of punk and conventional pop music impacts. Initial sets included pop principles of the 1960s like the English rock band, The Beatles’ “Please Please Me” and the fictional American band The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar” at that period when said ignite, joyful was frowned upon by the punk society.

Stiff Little Fingers – They are a Northern Irish punk rock group from the capital of Northern Ireland. They were founded in 1977, during the peak of the problems. They began as a schoolboy group named Highway Star and performed rock covers till they found out about punk. They disbanded later after but reunited after five years, in 1987. Despite significant team modifications, they continue to tour and compose music.

Mama’s Boys – This band was a popular heavy metal group in the 1980s from the leading counties of Ireland, County Fermanagh. The band comprised the guitarist and fiddler “The Professor,” Bass player and singer John, and guitarist and fiddler Tommy. Eventually, in their project, they expanded to a four-piece, by including Rick Chase singing in the year 1986, who was substituted by Keith Murrell in the year 1987 as a result of Rick’s sickness.

Thin Lizzy – This band is unquestionably one of the biggest classic rock bands forever. They composed global hit numbers after worldwide hits, as evidenced by the victory of jailbreak, Whiskey in The Jar and The Boys Are Back in Town.


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